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420 Raffle Details

  4/20 Re-Up Raffle! $500 in product & swag, plus a piece donated by @aaronbglass ! Arguably the greatest post festivities re-up the worlds ever seen Free ticket on all orders $150 $10 tickets...

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Idea Box Buffalo

In January of 2021 LISC WNY & The Buffalo Center for Health Equity, put out a call for artists to participate in the painting of “Idea Boxes” for the Pride in Place Buffalo Initiative – a...

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“PICTURE A GARDEN” case study™

Medium: Plant based ink on handmade seeded paper Size: 2″ x 3.5″   Plantable Embedded with a colorful variety of non-invasive wildflower seeds, simply plant the paper in the garden, water...

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Indicas Don’t Always Put You “In-da-couch”

Indicas Don’t Always Put You “In-da-couch” Cannabis Indica (Indicas) and Indica-leaning hybrids have become ubiquitous throughout the culture often because of the benefits to both the grower and the...

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