Spotlight: 🔥 Platinum Huckleberry🔥 By Leaf Premium Flower

September 8, 2022

Spotlight: 🔥 Platinum Huckleberry🔥 By Leaf Premium Flower


THC: 26%

High Profile

Heavy Head, Sedating, Euphoric

Reported Relief

Insomnia, Appetite Loss, Stress

Editor Review

Platinum Huckleberry is one of the frostiest flowers in the inventory right now. The frosty white goodness is the result of the crossing of two monster Kushes, Platinum Kush and Huckleberry Kush. When smoked the flowers offer hints of berry sweetness are left on the palate. The immediate headrush may leave you wide-eyed at first. Your internal dialogue may go something like, “yeah, no. I don’t think I’m gonna being doing anything right now… Where’s the couch”. It’s a heavy hitter at 26%THC content. The high is definitely an end-of-day thing for even a seasoned smoker. The strong sedative effect of Platinum Huckleberry makes it ideal for those dealing with insomnia, appetite loss, and stress. No joke though, start slow. Figure out how strong it hits you before you try more during a single session.


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