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Flower Decal – Kush Crashers Flower Gift


Each month our featured artist brings a variety of unique images to our gallery for the NiCD community to enjoy. To provide our customers with the greatest exposure to imagery featured each month, we will be curating every purchase with a bespoke selection of images.

This Decal Comes with a FREE GIFT  of Flower! (Strain: Kush Crashers)

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Breakdown: Kush Crashers

THC: 29%

Editor Review

Kush Crashers is an all around win. It seems like the flowers are deep green with purples mixed in but it’s kinda hard to tell because of just how frosty these buds are. If you have a magnifying glass go get it. When broken up the aromas are creamy and gassy and begging to be smoked. The flavors are mild and sweet but leave mostly an earthy finish. The crazy trichome development on this Farm Fresh Kush Crashers flower equates to an instant heady euphoric high that penetrates for a while. What’s nice is that it doesn’t necessarily fog you out while getting you pretty ripped. you can still enjoy whatever you’re doing without zoning out… too much. Lighter tolerances though should start out slower as this is definitely a heavy hitter – and a beautiful one at that.

High Profile

Heavy head, Sedating, Couch-Lock

Reported Relief

Nausea, Insomnia, Appetite Loss


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