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Flower Decal – Doors to Infinity Flower Gift


Each month our featured artist brings a variety of unique images to our gallery for the NiCD community to enjoy. To provide our customers with the greatest exposure to imagery featured each month, we will be curating every purchase with a bespoke selection of images.


This Decal Comes with a FREE GIFT of 28 Grams of LEAF Flower! (Strain: Doors to Infinity)

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Breakdown: Doors to Infinity

THC: 22%

Editor Review

A cross of The Doors and Infinity, this Hybrid by Leaf is a great afternoon toke for those looking to re-up their head space after a day of puffing Sativas. The mild sweetness that arises from the jar translates to a nutty, earthy finish when smoked. Soon after your session, your day is good to go again. The Doors to Infinity offers an uplifted headspace with enough of a euphoric high to elevate without sedation. However, the 22% avg THC does mean that this one will eventually slow your roll and calm your energy after a while. It’s a great choice to relieve that end-of-day stress. Start slow until you see how it works for you.

High Profile

Heady, Euphoric, Calming

Reported Relief

Headache, Fatigue, Stress


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