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Flower Decal – 7G Rotten Rozay Flower Gift


Each month our featured artist brings a variety of unique images to our gallery for the NiCD community to enjoy. To provide our customers with the greatest exposure to imagery featured each month, we will be curating every purchase with a bespoke selection of images.

This Decal Comes with a FREE GIFT of 7 Grams of LEAF Flower!

Strain: Rotten Rozay

In stock

Breakdown: Rotten Rozay

THC: 24%

Editor Review

What’s nice about Nickel City Delivery’s ability to rotate through a large selection of Cannabis is that, when a similar strain comes into the NiCD shop and it shows very similar characteristics as the previous strain, you know you’re dealing with great phenotypes and legitimate lineage. This is absolutely the case with this Leaf Cannabis Rotten Rozay. If you remember any of the flower options from back in the Spring/Summer, you may recall the Cherry Rozay Leaf brought us back then. Well, this Rotten Rozay might as well be its sister. Like the Cherry Rozay, this “Rotten” counterpart boasts similar dark resinous green nuggets with equally dark orange hairs throughout. Also like its sister strain, Leaf’s Rotten Rozay has a very similar deep earthy aroma with lovely sweet and gassy tones when you grind up a nug. The other dominant similarity is the high profile. It’s a heavy-headed flower that is best suited for the evening. And not just for lighter tolerances either. No, the seasoned smoker will wanna keep this for the end-of-day heady rush and body sedation. It’s a, “What was i just talking about?” kind of Stoney experience. paired well with a comedy and a couch, the Rotten Rozay is and evening ender. Lighter tolerances should definitely start slow or choose a strain with a less potent strain.

High Profile

Heady, Relaxed, Creative

Reported Relief

Nausea, Stress, Appetite Loss


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