DAB Decal – 1mL Distillate


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This Decal Comes with a FREE GIFT of 1 ml THC Distillate!

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Editor Review

Distillate is a clear concentrate that is nearly pure THC (or CBD). Similar to the process of distilling alcohol, distillate is made by distilling a cannabis concentrate. The concentrate is heated to the exact temperature at which the THC or desired cannabinoid compound evaporates. The evaporated material is cooled and collected. Like alcohol, the material can be distilled multiple times until a near-pure extract (>90%) remains. Also similar to alcohol distillation, the end product is a near-flavorless and odorless material extremely high in THC. Distillate is often preferred in the making of edibles because of the lack of strong flavors and the ease with which the maker can measure the THC content if using a pure Distillate.


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