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DAB Decal- DRIP- Purple Cookies Live Resin


Each month our featured artist brings a variety of unique images to our gallery for the NiCD community to enjoy. To provide our customers with the greatest exposure to imagery featured each month, we will be curating every purchase with a bespoke selection of images.

This Decal Comes with a FREE GIFT of 1 gram, DRIP Brand

Purple Cookies – Live Resin


Editor Review

Drip has brought the real deal heat with the three new live resins they brought to the shop. Local to Buffalo, Drip produces the highest-end cannabis concentrates in WNY. No Joke. When you open this Purple Cookies live resin you’ll know what I mean. Its pungency fills your senses and you’ll wanna dive right in. This is the heaviest-hitting extract we have in the shop right now. as a regular smoker, I dab and smoke throughout the day recreationally and for product testing. I have a high tolerance. This Purple Cookies gave me the one-and-done experience. It’s a lingering, heavy-headed high that won’t disappoint those looking to get couch-locked for the evening.

High Profile

Heavy Headed, Sedating, Couch-Lock


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