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Candy Edibles Decal (First Class Cannabis Gummies)


Each month our featured artist brings a variety of unique images to our gallery for the NiCD community to enjoy. To provide our customers with the greatest exposure to imagery featured each month, we will be curating every purchase with a bespoke selection of images.

This Decal Comes with a FREE GIFT of 1 PACK OF First Class Cannabis Gummies…Available in Weedish Fish, Sour Pack Kids, Stoner Rancher, Hash Heads, and Weed Worms.

TOTAL THC: 800mg

Please choose Flavor option from the dropdown menu.

Editor Review

First Class Gummies are a great way to enter into the world of infused edibles. The candy is designed to mimic some of your childhood favorites but with the very adult addition of infused cannabis oil. Using coconut oil as the medium of infusion allows the cannabis oil to be evenly infused throughout each batch of gummies. The result is a tasty treat that can be taken incrementally in order to achieve the desired effect. Many will start with partial gummies, wait an hour or two, analyze the effect, and then adjust accordingly. Always start out slow with new edibles so you can understand how they affect you. Please enjoy responsibly.


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