King Palm- Real Leaf Rolls- Mini


King Palm flavored Mini rolls hold up to 1g of flower and are the ideal product for any customer looking for a tasty, tobacco-free wrap option!

Each pack includes two rolls with flavor-infused filter tips plus a packing stick for precise preparation.  A flavor pearl sits inside each filter, and you squeeze the filter until you feel a pop that activates the flavor. If the pearl is not popped, it will taste just like an unflavored, plain King Palm.



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Editor Review

King Palm cones are the perfect answer to the blunt smoker who no longer wants the harshness or nicotine factor of tobacco. The palm leaves burn smoothly and evenly. These King palms feature the Squeeze and Pop flavor beads that send a burst of terpene flavor through the filter or crutch of the cone. The result is a delicious berry or lemon haze flavor. not overpowering or harsh like a flavored blunt wrap, these terpene pearls are the perfect touch of taste to your smoke. Offered in 1.5g Berry flavor and 1g Lemon Haze flavor. These cones do not come filled.


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