Sativas Can Hit Harder Than You May Think

January 20, 2022

Sativas Can Hit Harder Than You May Think

Sativas and Sativa-leaning hybrids tend to be slightly less common on the market than their counterparts the hybrids and Indicas. Again, there is a world of variation out there. But in general, an average cannabis menu will have at most 30-40% of its offering in the Sativa-leaning range. This is the result of a few factors. At the top of the list is the extra work the grower has to put in for less output. The plants are prone to grow taller, take longer to flower, and produce fewer and lighter flowers than an Indica. 


The high profile is another factor contributing to the prevalence of Indica-leaning strains over Sativas. Not everyone wants the physical and emotional lift that Sativas offer. Some associate Sativas with inducing anxiety as opposed to Indica’s ability to relieve it. However, those who keep Sativas in their personal inventory are usually looking for the strain’s stereotypical energetic all-around experience. Whether the means of exerting that energy come in the form of creativity or physical activity, sativas are generally slotted as the daytime high that lifts the mind and the body vs the stoned sedation of a heavy Indica. The terpene profiles most associated with Sativas lean more towards the lighter citrusy, floral, and also gassy aromatics.


These generalizations about a Sativa’s ability to motivate are not unfounded, but also not the full picture. The biggest factors associated with any strain’s effect are the individual’s tolerance and dosage. Any strain will put you in-da-couch if you are not accustomed to cannabis use. Another aspect that is coming to light as more growers spend time manicuring their Sativas is the duration of flowering. As the plant matures it is continuously developing its flowers and strengthening their psychoactive effects. Think of it like aging a fine wine or whisky except not only does the flavor intensify it gets stronger too. For example, you could find a Sativa which if grown a particular way would still provide a creative rush of inspiration but also maybe a heavy body high that turns standing up into a chore. 


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