Nickel City Delivery is constantly working to offer our customers a wide variety of the highest quality cannabis oil cartridges on the market. As we strive to keep the hottest brands and flavors in our Cartridge Art inventory, we regularly find ourselves testing partnerships with various suppliers. Because of the slow start-up of the NYS Cannabis Board, there are limited testing resources available to WNY operators in the industry. As a result, we must rely on the suppliers for accurate dosage labeling. If/when inaccurate labeling is confirmed, that product is removed from inventory. The crew here at NiCD is adamant about providing WNY with higher standards, delivered. We are excited to be the ones bringing this service to the Nickel City (Go Bills) and are eternally grateful for your support as we build something better for buffalo.  We’re grateful for your input. So, we’ve read all the comments received along the way. If you wanna leave a comment or share a suggestion our ears are open cuz really, we’re growing together.  Tolerance Warning: Cannabis oil cartridges may affect users differently based on a variety of factors unique to each individual. Please do not take the use of cannabis lightly. Cartridges labeled with the similar THC content may offer different effects. It is advised to start with small quantities of any new cannabis product. 


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