Indicas Don’t Always Put You “In-da-couch”

January 18, 2022

Indicas Don’t Always Put You “In-da-couch”

Cannabis Indica (Indicas) and Indica-leaning hybrids have become ubiquitous throughout the culture often because of the benefits to both the grower and the end-user. The plants tend to grow shorter and faster with a wider leaf than their counterparts the Sativas. Indicas also produce more and denser flowers with higher THC content than an average Sativa. The flowers tend to offer flavors and aromas often described as earthy, piney, gassy, nutty, creamy, sweet, or smokey. Of course, there is a lot of crossover between all types of Cannabis in regards to the smell and flavor profiles. More often though you will find sweet and savory descriptions associated with Indicas. These aromatics are the results of varying terpene profiles which is a topic unto itself in our Nickel City University section. 


As the header suggests, Indicas are best known for “couch-lock” or their tendency to offer a strong sedative effect. Many users, both recreational and medical, tend to lean towards Indicas or Indica-leaning hybrids as a result of the higher THC content and often a stronger “stoned” experience. Medical patients report relief from issues like anxiety, depression, insomnia, appetite loss, nausea, pain. Generally speaking, Indicas are thought of as offering a high that’s heavy in both body and mind, and best suited for sitting in front of the TV or a good night’s sleep.  


It is important to note, however, not all Indica dominant strains are going to put you out of commission. Cultivators both private and commercial have fostered an entire subculture dedicated to creating Indica-dominant hybrids that offer a botanical buffet of effects. This is why many end-users prefer to analyze the descriptions unique to each strain. For example, A flower that is genetically Indica-dominant may offer a motivated mindset or the creative energy that Sativas are best known for. That same strain could simultaneously deliver strong calming or bodily effects of its Indica heritage. This is the reason no strain on the NiCD page is made available until our staff has reviewed each for their overall qualities so we can best relay that information. 


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