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Exceeding Expectations

Our primary goal is to provide the greater Buffalo area with high quality products in conjunction with exemplary customer service and compassion. Safety and sustainability are our priority as we aim to be the industry standard in WNY and beyond.


Nickel City Delivery is solely a boutique Art delivery service at this time. We DO NOT offer local pickup, only delivery to the areas/zip codes we can actively service with more areas coming soon. Stay tuned for updates!


The medicinal benefits of cannabis are available to all. The cannabinoids will work with or without a doctors recommendation. Cannabis has been used medicinally since the beginning of time.

A Lifetime of Experience

Each product and route of administration offer distinct and diverse effects that suit each users needs differently. Put our 20+ years of experience to use and ask our team to help make a selection you will enjoy and feel good about later.

Age Verification

Must be 21+


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Effective protection of minors keeps everyone safe. That’s why we’ve partnered with EVS and seamlessly integrated their technology into our platform. Using premium data source providers, we quickly verify a user’s age and tag them as verified for future visits. We will never sell your information. Our privacy policy is one page and easy to digest.

Sustainability Pledge

We can’t change the world alone. But we can do it together.

At Nickel City Delivery (NiCD), sustainability is in our nature. Being respectful of our planet and neighbors is in our DNA. NiCD is committed to being a positive force for the future of our environment through education and resource management. However, being a sustainable organization also requires individual action from customers, vendors, and staff. 

We are constantly evolving and adding small everyday steps which add up to a big impact. It’s why We made our first ever delivery with the same 100% compostable bubble envelopes that we still use today. 

If we all consider the environmental, social, and economic impacts of our daily decisions, they will add up to a positive environmental impact across the board. We invite you to set the right example and inspire those around you to make conscientious choices for the planet.

You may ask, “But, I’m just buying cannabis products. How do I fit in?”

Well, our flower products come in glass jars, compostable hemp-based containers, and compostable corn-based bubble envelopes. This means that instead of tossing them in the garbage, you can join us in recycling them either in your recycling bin, or your compost pile. 

This proprietary hemp jar was designed by a WNY thought leader;  and is already transcending the cannabis industry. 

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Featured Artists

Elevating and supporting Buffalo creators is built into our business model. Each month we will tap a different local artist(s) to promote alongside our delicious gifts. Are you an artist interested in being featured or do you know the perfect person? Click Below

Do You Need Help Choosing?

Our talented staff is part of what sets us apart. We are always here to answer questions or help in anyway.

As with all strain selections, it is important to understand what you are using by reviewing the strain descriptions and always testing new material slowly rather than diving in.


Those who keep Sativas in their personal inventory are usually looking for the strain’s stereotypical energetic experience. Whether the means of exerting that energy comes in the form of creativity or physical activity, Sativas are generally slotted as the daytime high that lifts the mind and the body vs the stoned sedation of a heavy Indica.


Indicas Don’t Always Put You “In-da-couch”. Many users find relief from issues like anxiety, depression, insomnia, appetite loss, nausea, pain. Generally speaking, Indicas are thought of as offering a high that’s heavy in both body and mind, and best suited for sitting in front of the TV or a good night’s sleep.

All The Time

Nowadays hybrids can take on countless combinations of characteristics. For example, a longtime favorite in the Nickel City strain library, Tahoe OG, is a 50/50 hybrid but with extremely dominant Indica properties. Our NiCD description calls it a “light switch” because of its ability to couch-lock even the most seasoned smoker. Another 50/50 hybrid, Key Lime Pie, will offer the citrusy nose of a Sativa while hitting the head with a balanced euphoric experience.


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